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Teach you how to choose explosion-proof electronic scales

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Explosion-proof electronic scale weighing scale is a kind of weighing scale used in petroleum, chemical, mining, medicine, aerospace and military sectors. Flammable and explosive substances exist in these occasions, and ordinary electronic scales cannot meet the needs of industrial production and construction. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and the continuation of industrial production, a large number of explosion-proof electronic scales are required to be put into use. The explosion-proof electronic scale weighing scale realizes the explosion-proof function by eliminating one or more factors that may cause explosion.

The explosion-proof configuration of the explosion-proof electronic scale:

1.Built-in large-capacity storage battery can be used continuously for more than 45 hours.

2.Designed with intelligent power saving technology, it will automatically shut down if not used for a period of time.

3.Built-in high-precision weighing sensor, the accuracy is greatly improved.

4.With automatic zero tracking function, effectively improve the weighing capacity.

5.Explosion-proof configuration mainly includes explosion-proof sensor, explosion-proof instrument box, isolation delete, explosion-proof line pipe, etc.

6. Adopt all stainless steel scale body and sealed scale weighing scale body structure design.

7.The protection grade is IP65, which is suitable for chemical industry and other industries.

Points for attention when choosing explosion-proof electronic scales weighing scale:

1.Observe whether the electronic scale weighing scale has passed the appraisal of the explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station;

2.Observe whether the electronic scale weigh scale has the quality certification of the Bureau of Metrology;

3.Check if the electronic scale has EX explosion-proof mark;

4.Understand what kind of explosion-proof technology design the electronic scale weigh scale uses;

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