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Talking about the inadequacies of portable weighbridges

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The overall size of the portable floor scale is relatively small, the table surface is relatively thin, and the weight is relatively light, so it is easy to carry.

Just like any product, no product is absolutely perfect. Of course, portable floor scales also have their own shortcomings. Today we will talk about the shortcomings of portable floor scales:

1: The harsh environmental conditions will directly affect the safety and reliability of the weighbridge

The dynamic road vehicle portable weighbridge is a set of weighing systems, and its supporting settings such as light curtains and tire identifiers are greatly affected by the environment, such as severe cold seasons, rainy seasons and other adverse environments will affect its safety; in addition, weighing instruments are usually outdoors. , bad environment may affect the reliability of microprocessor operation;

2: The direct connection between the weighing accuracy and the installation ground

The flatness of the ground will affect whether the force of the weighing platform is uniform, thus affecting the accuracy of the product. According to OIMLR134, the straight-line distance of more than 6m should be maintained between the two ends of the weighing instrument. The weighing plate and the road surface at both ends should be in a horizontal state. The undulation should not exceed 3mm. However, these elements are not considered in the construction of highways in our country, so the weighing accuracy of the currently installed portable floor scale axle loaders is difficult to reach the design value of the product;

3: The tire identifier has low accuracy

According to the statistical analysis results of the current usage situation, there is still a considerable proportion of the error rate of the tire identifier to determine the vehicle's loading;

4: Frequent maintenance

Generally, portable weighbridges are mostly used outdoors. Due to the use on outdoor roads, dust and sediment accumulate during use, and must be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals, resulting in increased maintenance and use costs of portable weighbridges;

5: The weighing plate is easily damaged by the impact force

Due to the inertia of the vehicle during driving, it generally has a large impact force when the vehicle travels on the weighing platform. If the driving speed is too high, the weighing plate will be damaged;

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