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Talking about the Structure Change of Portable Axle Scale

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Axle weight scale, full name of axle load measurement sub-mechanics dynamic and static electronic scale, is mainly composed of high-precision load cell, weighing instrument and short table scale. The axle load scale has a small footprint, can be used for both static and dynamic purposes, and can be selected in a variety of vehicle finishing methods. There are many types of axle load scales, such as portable truck scales, portable axle load meters, electronic vehicle scales, portable axle load scales, double-table axle load scales, etc. The axle load scale simultaneously displays the weighing weight and total weight of the two weighing platforms. The two weighing platforms are calibrated separately, with multi-point correction, which greatly improves the accuracy of the product.

The structure and composition of the axle load instrument has undergone several changes from its birth to the present. The most primitive fixed axle load scale needs to be installed on the ground

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