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Talking about Automobile Axle Loading Instrument

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With the progress and development of society, the requirements for measurement and weighing in all walks of life are getting higher and higher, and the whole wheel axle weighing system is also born.

Automobile axle load instrument is also called automobile axle load instrument, automobile wheel weight instrument, automobile wheel load instrument and whole wheel axle weighing system, English name: Axle load measuring instrument, axle scale; The weighing system is used to measure the whole wheel load, front and rear axle load, left and right load and total weight of (truck, bus, van, SUV, car, electric vehicle).

The automobile axle load meter is a product of Ningbo Shengbang. After years of development, the company has optimized the product structure according to the market needs, and designed and produced an axle load meter that can be used in every industry.

Due to its simple structure, easy portability and lightness, it is very popular with customers and serves customers in all walks of life. Using aviation aluminum alloy material, the weight reaches 30 kilograms (blocks), widened and thickened, and can be overloaded by 150%, so the equipment is durable. At the same time, the system is the first to adopt Chinese and English, which can be switched at any time to facilitate the operation of domestic and foreign customers. The instrument has a more complete display, which can display wheel weight, axle weight, vehicle weight, tare weight and gross weight, setting, correction, operation, printing, communication and other functions, which are easy to use.

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