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State Axle Weights Limits

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State limits are the most important ones, as these will determine how much and if you can move within that state.

Again, there are two numbers you need to know, the maximum legal and maximum permitted weight.

When you know those two numbers, you'll have three ranges, for example for Texas, maximum legal weight on a tandem is 34,000 pounds and maximum permitted weight is 46,000 pounds. That is, you can load your tandem up to 34,000 without purchasing a permit, you can load 34,000..46,000 with a permit, and if your tandem is loaded over 46,000 you cannot legally enter the state of Texas.

Note, generally the states will not issue overweight permits for divisble loads. That is, even though you can technically have up to 46,000 pounds on a tandem if you purchase a permit, most states will not issue that permit if you can simply unload the excess weight (e.g. you are transporting sand or gravel). The overweight permits are for non-divisible loads, for example a piece of machinery that cannot easily be disassembled to reduce it's weight. There are of course exception and special permits for divisible loads, you have to consult that with the state.

Maximum legal weight limit

Maximum legal weight for each axle is determined by the federal bridge formula, federal limits for a single axle and axle groups (mentioned above) and single axle and axle groups legal limits posted by each state. (State limits are often higher than the federal limits).

Maximum permitted weight limit

Multiple things go towards calculating the maximum permitted weight for an axle or an axle group.

Two of the most important things for determining max permitted weight are: #1) tire weight limit and #2) single axle and axle group limit. You have to know both limits, and whichever is the lesser limit is the one that will determine your max permitted weight.

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