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Some insights on E1 grade weights

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According to the quality tolerance and measurement uncertainty, the weights are divided into ten types of stainless steel weights such as first class, second class, E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M11, M2, M22, etc., according to JJG99-2006 ((weight 》Verification rules, ABBA and ABA cycles are usually used when verifying E and F weights; when verifying E1 weights, AB...BA cycles are often used. In the measurement cycle, A represents the reference standard weight, and B represents The weight to be checked. It should be noted that ABBA, ABA, AB...BA are all closed loops. When the electronic balance is used for mass value transfer, the open loop measurement cycle is not allowed. The number of measurement cycles depends on the selected measurement cycle method. Check the verification procedures.

The weight is a kind of physical measurement tool, which can show the mass value of the object, and it has both measurement and physical characteristics. In the measurement standard assessment, use this measurement standard to measure the real object, and measure the stable measured object within the specified time, which is the stability of the measurement standard.

The weights below the E1 level are basically working weights. When measuring, take the positive difference (for negative weights, add small pieces of lead to achieve the positive difference), and issue the certificate without correcting the value, only the weights are given. The nominal value of the quality, the maximum allowable error of the corresponding accuracy level. The validity period is one year, and the frequent use and harsh environmental conditions are shortened. The validity period of the special weights shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations of the corresponding equipment.

E1 weights: used to verify the weights of M2, M23 and below, used to verify the corresponding measuring instruments, and used in conjunction with the corresponding measuring instruments.

E2 grade weights: used for verification and transfer of M3 grade weights, used for verifying the corresponding measuring instruments, and used in conjunction with the corresponding measuring instruments.

Under normal circumstances, the grade of cast iron weights can meet the calibration and verification work of various large-scale weighing instruments. When buying large weights, in addition to the price factor, materials and quality are also an important factor that everyone considers. Cast iron weights may be moved frequently, so materials with good stability are required, physical and chemical properties are relatively stable, and they have the characteristics of wear resistance, so that they can be used for a longer time. 

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