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SS1003 Intelligent Shelf Shelves Material Guidance Feeding System Smart Device Shelf

  • SS1003


SS1001-Smart Shelf


Good helper for material guidance materials

Product Features

lThe process can be freely configured and memorized;

lLight up according to the process guide;

lError alarm during the process;

lProcess completion reminder and cycle;


Product Value

Production safety

lEnsure that production will not be interrupted due to material shortages and affect the production schedule;

lWorkers can find the required materials accurately and timely, and improve production efficiency;

lProvide real consumption data of materials to reduce waste and cost;

Warehouse security

lNo need to enter documents, saving time for delivery and reducing error rate;

lReduce material backlog and sluggishness caused by human factors;

lReduce the time and cost of personnel looking for goods, one-click search, fast, convenient and accurate;

lOne-keyboard storage, reducing the annual labor cost and time cost of the inventory, and ensuring the accuracy of the inventory;

lSave inventory space.


Purchase worry-free:

lTrack the progress of purchase orders at any time, check the arrival of materials to ensure the timely delivery of purchased materials;

lOrders are automatically generated, reducing a lot of repetitive work;

lThe order notification is automatically sent to the relevant personnel in real time by mail, which is open and transparent, and reduces the loss caused by the error in the transmission of the order information;

lProvide accurate digital information, reduce product inventory, speed up turnover, and reduce artificial rush orders.


Financial security

lProvide true, accurate, timely and transparent material data;

lControl sluggish material inventory to save costs and reduce waste;

lRelevant data is seamlessly connected to finance to improve data transmission efficiency;

lAdopt the consignment model to save a lot of inventory costs;

lSignificant reduction in reconciliation time with suppliers at the end of the month;


Supplier happy

lCheck the inventory of supplied materials at any time to facilitate timely replenishment;

lReduce the backlog and sluggishness of storage materials;

lThe system automatically gives out-of-stock customer information to reduce delivery time costs;

lResource integration, multi-supplier cooperative distribution, cost saving and efficiency improvement;


Comparison of traditional and intelligent shelf material management

Traditional material management


Smart Shelf

Manual entry of invoicing data is time-consuming, laborious and inaccurate

Real-time display of invoicing data with 100% accuracy

Lack of materials cannot be found in time, resulting in order delays or production stoppages

Order delays or production stoppages due to material shortages are reduced to 0

Finding material locations is time-consuming and labor-intensive

One-click search

Inventory is time-consuming, labor-intensive and inaccurate

One keyboard library, 100% accuracy

The management of sluggish materials is difficult

Intelligent reminder of sluggish materials to eliminate sluggish inventory and greatly reduce sluggish costs

Material self-management

Factory, service provider and platform are jointly managed by three parties

Independent procurement, high procurement cost

Resource integration, greatly reducing procurement costs

Applicable fields:


lauto parts

lMachine made

lHardware industry

lElectronics manufacturing

lElectrical industry

lClothing accessories

lMedical industry

lMold processing

lRetail industry

lHome improvement industry

lChemical Industry


Product name SS1003 Intelligent Shelf Shelves Material Guidance Feeding System Smart Device Shelf
Market All over the world
Features High precision and stable performance
Advantage 0EM/ODM
Sample Lead Time 5~ 40Days
Sample price The price is different according to product capacity
Custom Design Welcome
Form of sale Factory supply


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