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SS1002 Intelligent Shelving Smart Shelf System Smart Shelves

  • SS1002


SS1001-Smart Shelf


Factory production workshop line side

The FIFO smart shelf is a practical smart shelf based on the functions of the standard smart shelf, taking into account the current assembly application scenario of the industrial factory workshop. The original intention of the product design is to solve the pain points that industrial enterprises often encounter in the production process, such as material shortages that lead to production delays or production stoppages, asymmetric material information between factories and suppliers, and wrong materials for workers to assemble and other pain points.


The unique design of this product is that through the design of the slope type material box, materials are realized first in first out, and at the same time, the material inventory is accurately controlled through the high-precision weighing sensor device, and the sound and light equipment is used as the auxiliary to realize the intelligent guidance of materials for the assembly of production materials. It can greatly reduce the assembly error rate and improve the quality of factory products and the work efficiency of workers.

Product Features

lA practical smart shelf for the current assembly application on the factory floor

lProduct Highlights: Prevention and control of wrong production materials;

lScan it, the BOM single material will light up to guide;

lMaterial first in first out;

lError alarm;


Product name SS1002 Intelligent Shelving Smart Shelf System Smart Shelves
Market All over the world
Features High precision and stable performance
Advantage 0EM/ODM
Sample Lead Time 5~ 40Days
Sample price The price is different according to product capacity
Custom Design Welcome
Form of sale Factory supply


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