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SAINTBOND Crane Scale Manufacturers China Explosion Proof Hook Scale 100KG~30T

  • WS2602-Ex



Product Details:

WS2602-Ex adopts intrinsically safe battery, sensor, instrument or explosion-proof instrument to form a direct view explosion-proof electronic hanging scale with intrinsically safe or explosion-proof function. It is especially suitable for weighing materials in and out, process control, medium filling, batching, sub packing, and finished product trade settlement in explosion hazardous situations. The features of explosion-proof, energy-saving, fast and convenient, intuitive display, accurate and reliable measurement of direct view explosion-proof electronic hanging scale will save time, reduce costs, and improve product quality and efficiency for enterprises.

Application Scope:

WS2602-Ex is specially designed for the suspension and weighing of substances in water treatment, coating, paint, pharmaceutical, ammonia, chlorine, acetylene, petrochemical, military and other explosion hazardous occasions.


Product Information:

Explosion proof mark: ex d [ia] BT6;

Accuracy grade: III;

Main components: cast aluminum scale body, main board, safety barrier assembly, intrinsically safe sensor (ex  CT6), hook, lifting ring and intrinsically safe battery pack;

Weighing range: 100kg ~ 30t;

Display resolution: 1000 ~ 30000;

Indexing value: 0.001 ~ 50;

Safety overload: 150% FS;

Display mode: 6-bit segment code LCD, word height 30mm;

Option: e0711 special flameproof remote controller;

Charging mode: remove the battery pack and charge in the safe area;

Standby time: about 70 hours at full charge;


Functional Features:

Basic functions: zero setting, peeling, accumulation, weight counting, storage and preset tare weight;

Maintain function (peak hold / data hold / Auto hold), lock weight function;

Store 10 times of weighing data, shut down and save;

Power saving function, idle mode and automatic shutdown;

It has the function of under voltage indication and under power shutdown;



Product name SAINTBOND Crane Scale Manufacturers China Explosion Proof Hook Scale 100KG~30T
Market All over the world
Features High precision and stable performance
Advantage 0EM/ODM
Sample Lead Time 5~ 40Days
Sample price The price is different according to product capacity
Custom Design Welcome
Form of sale Factory supply


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