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Problems and Thoughts on the practical use of Mobile Weighing axle scale

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Abstract: dynamic axle scale is an important compulsory verification measuring instrument in people's livelihood measurement, which has important and practical significance for its scientific supervision and service guarantee. Jiangsu is the first province in China to adopt highway weight calculation charges. In recent years, the phenomenon of overload and "large ton and small standard" has been effectively controlled. The contradiction between toll collector and driver in judging vehicle type and tonnage is solved. But the accuracy of weight calculation has become the focus of the contradiction of highway toll. This paper analyzes the focus problems of dynamic truck scale in practical use and puts forward some thoughts.

Key words: dynamic problem weighing instrument highway charge

Jiangsu is one of the first provinces in China to adopt highway weight calculation charges. In December 2002, the three provincial price, finance and transportation examination were submitted to the provincial government for approval, and then pilot in three toll stations of general roads, and implemented in the whole province at the end of 2003. Compared with the original method of collecting road maintenance fees, the weight charging is a more fair, reasonable and scientific way of charging, and then the heavy toll is promoted in all provinces in China. In recent years, the phenomenon of overload and "large ton and small standard" has been effectively controlled. The contradiction between toll collector and driver in judging vehicle type and tonnage is solved. But the accuracy of weight calculation has become the focus of the contradiction of highway toll.

At present, the heavy charge system in our province mainly uses the products of seven enterprises in China. The main use of expressway is three of the products. The equipment of three enterprises used in expressway is relatively good in reliability and stability, especially the second generation product software can be corrected according to the different models. However, the first generation equipment from 2003 to 04 has been used for nearly 4 years until this year. The chip is still an old version. The daily maintenance is not enough. The aging of the scale platform and sensor also causes the stability (repeatability) fluctuation. The general first inspection qualification rate of these weighing equipment is less than 20%. Some dynamic weighing scales need to be replaced to be the main version of weighing before debugging. Now, many toll stations have been replaced with second generation products, but the disputes about weight counting and charging are prominent, and the driver complaints rate is high. In view of this problem, we make the following analysis according to the situation mastered in the measurement and verification at ordinary times.

1、 Analysis of the causes of the complaints of the weight balance dispute

1. In the process of dynamic automobile scale verification, we should analyze the data of each equipment. Even if the indication error is within the allowable range, our verification personnel will revise the data to the agreed true value, and avoid positive deviation as far as possible. Taking a toll station as an example, although the first inspection pass rate is only 40%, the negative deviation accounts for the majority, and the deviation is within ± 2%. According to the current charging standards, such as 40 tons of approved load, 100 km travel, only about 5 yuan of charge access, and some of the toll stations have more access

The total value tends to be balanced. If the driver can balance at a speed of 5km/h as required, the charge error caused by weight calculation will be less. Therefore, the weight charge of most vehicles has no obvious impact.

2. However, when the road administration law enforcement is based on the weight calculation charge, even the positive deviation of dynamic truck scale within the allowable tolerance will result in a fine of 500 yuan to 5000 yuan exceeding the limit, which will escalate the contradiction and cause the complaints of the weight calculation dispute.

According to statistics, the highest frequency of complaints is two toll stations of Yangtze River Bridge in our province. For a long time, there have been road administration law enforcement to deal with overload and over limit based on the weighing of the weight of the toll; Most of the complaints are: when the weight is overloaded, it leads to road administration punishment, and the toll station does not allow the weighing; If the bridge stipulates that the total weight exceeds 55 tons, vehicles are prohibited from passing, and it must be bypassed or unloaded. It can be said that the inherent contradictions in the road transportation industry are mainly reflected in the accuracy of the weight charging system.

3. The measurement characteristics of dynamic highway vehicle automatic weighing device are not symmetrical with the relevant regulations of the traffic department.

The collection of road maintenance fee is to set the charge base of each ton of KM according to the vehicle type, axle load and total load, and then multiply the total mass by kilometers. For vehicles within 30% of the limit (including 30%), toll shall be charged according to the weight calculation rate of normal vehicles; For vehicles exceeding 30%, toll shall be charged for the normal mass and over limit 30% of the vehicles at the weight rate of normal vehicles, and the rest shall be charged according to 1.5 times to 3 times of the basic rate. Road administration also takes over 30% of the limit as the basis for punishment. The dynamic accuracy of dynamic truck scale is expressed by relative precision, and the national metrological verification regulation JJG 907-2006

According to the provisions of dynamic truck scale, the allowable error in the use of dynamic level 5 is ± 5%. When the total vehicle weight is called 50t, the allowable error is ± 2.5t, that is, the weighing result is allowed to be within 47.5t to 52.5t. If there is a truck, the total weight of the agreed true value is 50 tons, and the dynamic truck scale weighs 52 tons. According to the measurement characteristics of the dynamic truck scale, the measurement of the weighing equipment is qualified. However, more than 50 tons will be subject to fines from road officials and charges higher than the basic rates, which, of course, will cause complaints.

4. The attitude of the toll collector to the complaint.

The driver does not accept the result of symmetrical weight, which may be caused by many factors. When the toll collector encounters the driver's complaint, it is necessary to objectively analyze the reasons and take the most effective and fastest method to solve the problem. It is not easy to think that the driver is rude and noisy, and it is not considered that the dynamic vehicle scale has been verified, which is irrelevant to the toll station.

2、 Analysis of the causes of weight loss

1. The measurement performance of dynamic road vehicle automatic weighing instrument is unstable.

As a measuring instrument, the measurement characteristics of dynamic automobile scale can not be guaranteed by periodic verification, and it must be controlled by maintenance and in use inspection in the verification period. The dynamic truck scale used in toll station is basically in working condition 24 hours a day. Some toll stations have too large traffic. The dynamic truck scale will be impacted by tens of thousands of times a day. Especially the first generation equipment installed and used in 2003-04, the measurement performance is very unstable. It is impossible to meet the requirements of national metrological verification regulation in one verification period.

2. Subjective factors of drivers in the process of weighing and charging.

As a new type of weighing instrument, the international legal and Metrology organization has classified the dynamic truck scale as an automatic weighing instrument, but there are still different understandings about whether the dynamic automobile scale belongs to the automatic weighing instrument or the non automatic weighing instrument. Because of the need of human intervention in the weighing process, the dynamic road vehicle automatic weighing instrument can not complete weighing without driving vehicles passing through the weighing area. And the accuracy of the results of the subjective factors symmetry weight has a crucial influence. We have used many kinds of vehicles to test. The test results show that if the vehicle accelerates, decelerates, brakes, travels S-type or passes through the weighing area obviously, the error of weighing results will be more than ± 5%, and the negative error and positive error will appear randomly. Most drivers can consciously keep the vehicle passing at low speed and smoothly during weighing process, but the existing conditions can not be found and stopped from taking abnormal passing mode.

3、 Analysis of complaints

1. The most complained case was that "the results of weighing of two charges in the same truck are inconsistent." Dynamic truck scale is mostly dynamic grade 5, with tolerance of ± 5%. Theoretically, both dynamic truck scales are qualified and weighed

The difference between the values may also be nearly 10%. If the load is 40 tons, it is possible to differ nearly 4 tons, which is difficult to avoid.

In fact, according to the driver, some transportation companies will use several vehicles to test each crossing of toll station which often passes, and determine the lightest crossing, and then pass the corresponding load and regulations, only the lightest one can be used for passing, otherwise the cost will not be reported, resulting in the over limit transportation. When dynamic truck scale is tested and debugged or passed other toll stations, it will be punished by road administration and cause controversy.

2. There is also a common complaint: knowing that although the car is overloaded, it does not show so much weight, requiring the complex scale to be rejected and then complain. As we received a complaint: "although my car is overloaded, it only has 54 tons, weighs 58 tons, and I also recognize a little less punishment..." the complaint is not accurate. This situation is mostly caused by subjective factors of drivers in the process of weighing and charging. There are very few freight drivers, long-term engaged in road transport, will also summarize some experience of over balance. Deliberately overload transportation, improper method is used to over balance, and the "experience" is used to evade the toll (otherwise, knowing that the road officials will not be overloaded). Success is a success, and failure will lead to amplification of positive error and cause complaints.

The results also show that the qualified rate of the first inspection is 80% at a speed of 5km/h. If the speed is too fast and the sampling rate of the weighing system is not enough, it is difficult to guarantee its measurement characteristics. Some drivers, who deliberately overload transportation, take chances and do not pass the balance according to the requirements, use the methods of "walking through the scale platform", "adding hydraulic axle, false axle", "bridging", "jamming weighing core", "jumping", "high-speed flushing balance" to achieve the purpose of evading toll and avoiding road punishment.

4、 Thinking about solving the problem of weight balance complaint

In recent years, the phenomenon of overload and large ton small standard has been effectively controlled. The contradiction between toll collector and driver in judging vehicle type and tonnage is solved. But the accuracy of weight calculation has become the focus of the contradiction of highway toll. Frequent complaints and media intervention of drivers make the accuracy of weight equipment a long-term livelihood problem.

In fact, the balance dispute is not a single measurement problem. It also involves the whole society's cognition; The compatibility of administrative and economic behaviors; The asymmetry between measurement regulation and traffic regulation; The advantages and disadvantages of the weighing equipment; The accuracy and reliability of measurement verification; Attitude and methods of law enforcement and toll personnel; The quality of drivers and other factors. The metrological technical institutions shall provide basis, and the quality supervision and traffic administrative departments shall organize and formulate special management measures.

1. The quality and technology supervision department or transportation department shall take the lead in studying and adjusting the relevant charging and punishment methods so that the relevant laws and regulations of different administrative departments can be unified, and the law enforcement and charging work are both legal and reasonable.

2. Road administration law enforcement can be combined with the weight calculation charge, after determining the suspected vehicle, it will lead to high-precision static weighing instrument for confirmation, as the basis of administrative law enforcement.

The implementation of the weight charge is not long. From the perspective of measurement, only the metrological verification regulations put forward the requirements of the regulations for the weight measuring equipment and installation. Dynamic automobile scale is mainly used for trade settlement of heavy charge, but its accuracy is lower than static weighing device. It is questionable whether it can be used for administrative law enforcement basis, and no relevant laws and regulations have been seen.

3. The metrological and verification department shall allocate, establish standards and verify in strict accordance with the requirements of the regulations. And make systematic analysis on the verification of each cycle, and report the results to the quality supervision department and the transportation department; To make suggestions for toll stations; Recommend reliable weight counter; It provides the basis for determining the scientific and reasonable verification period; It provides irregular in use inspection service for toll stations with long service time and poor stability, so as to ensure the stability of the weighing equipment performance and accurate weight measurement.

4. The manufacturer and toll station of the weighing equipment shall know the use of the equipment frequently and regularly maintain the weighing equipment during the verification period.

5. Through the publicity of news, media and website or industry training, the whole society, especially the relevant personnel, should be strengthened to understand the heavy charge, so that the road administration law enforcement personnel can better grasp the law enforcement standards in the process of law enforcement; It is not necessary for the toll collector to explain the objection of the driver reasonably. It is not necessary to think that the dynamic highway vehicle automatic weighing instrument has been verified and has nothing to do with the toll station, thus intensifying the contradiction. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of dynamic highway vehicle automatic weighing instrument. The reason for single gross error is almost impossible to determine. Even emergency measures are not operational. The best way to solve the dispute is to recheck the static weighing instrument. The measurement of people's livelihood is not large.

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