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Principle and application of anti-corrosion floor scale

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Introduction: Ningbo Shengbang is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of weighing equipment. It has a team of senior engineering technicians and management teams in the measurement industry. It has introduced advanced German production equipment and computer program-controlled force measurement equipment. And*production line. Pay attention to scientific management, insist on people-oriented, promote development with science and technology, constantly adopt new technologies, new processes, and new materials. The product quality is stable and reliable, and the technical indicators of the products reach the same industry level. In 1999, it passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Main series products: electronics Truck scale weighing weighbridge, electronic forklift scale, electronic floor scale bench scale, electronic crane scale lifting scale, electronic platform scale, electronic table scale, balance scale, etc.

Overview of super anti-corrosion weighing scale: It is a kind of weight/price weighing scale. Compared with general weight/price weighing scale, anti-corrosion scale adopts anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel, and the structure has also been upgraded and optimized. The anti-corrosion weighing scale has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof performance, and is suitable for processing industries such as aquatic products, meat food, and vegetables.

Corrosion is a phenomenon in which various materials and the surrounding environment interact and are destroyed. The loss caused by corrosion in our country is as high as hundreds of billions of RMB every year.

Material is the internal cause of corrosion, and the corrosion behavior of different materials is very different; the environment is the external condition of corrosion, and the concentration and composition of environmental media have a great influence on corrosion.

The weighing body of an electronic weighing instrument weighing indicator is generally carbon steel or stainless steel, the sensor is generally alloy steel or aluminum alloy, and the wire and instrument weighing indicator housing are generally non-metallic materials.

The corrosion control technology of electronic weighing instruments weighing indicator includes reasonable design, correct selection of metal materials, changing the corrosion environment, the use of corrosion-resistant coatings, electrochemical protection, and the use of corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials instead of metal materials.

Super anti-corrosion scales weighing scale comprehensively use the above-mentioned anti-corrosion technologies according to different weighing instrument materials and different use environments. Anti-corrosion platform scales bench scale, anti-corrosion small floor scales bench scale, anti-corrosion truck scales weighbridge and other series of anti-corrosion weighing instruments weighing indicator have excellent anti-corrosion effects in the entire weighing industry. It is widely used in various highly corrosive environments such as petrochemical industry, marine environment, sewage treatment, electroplating and pickling, special mining, etc. It ensures the high reliability of corrosion resistance while ensuring the high precision of the weighing instrum

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