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Precautions for installation of micro load cell

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1. The micro load cell should be handled with care, especially the small capacity sensor using alloy aluminum as the elastomer. Any blow or drop caused by vibration may cause large output error.


2. When the loading device is planned and installed, the advantages of loading force shall be guaranteed. The force axes of the micro weighing sensor coincide, which reduces the influence of the skew load and eccentric load.


3. In terms of level mediation. If a micro load cell is used, adjust the installation plane of the base until it is flush with the degree meter; If multiple sensors are measured at the same time, the mounting surface of the base should be kept at a certain level, so as to ensure that the strength of each sensor is basically consistent.


4. Prevent chemical attack. When installing, coat the surface of the micro load cell with Vaseline. Avoid direct sunlight, and do not use it in places where the temperature changes dramatically.


5. A bypass made of copper braided wire is added at both ends of the loading device of the micro load cell.


6. The cable shall not be lengthened by itself. If it is really necessary to lengthen, it shall be discussed by welding and added with moisture-proof sealant.

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