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Precautions for installation of bellows load cell

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The corrugated pipe load cell includes an elastomer, a strain gauge set in the elastomer and a corrugated pipe sleeve set on the outer wall of the elastomer, which is characterized in that: two strain beams are symmetrically formed on the upper and lower sides of the middle of the elastomer, a strain zone is formed between the two strain beams, and an overload proof parallel beam is set in the strain zone and between the two strain beams to prevent the overload deformation of the free end of the sensor.

Precautions for installation and use of load cell The load cell is an output device that converts mass signals into measurable electrical signals, and is widely used in weighing devices. Pay attention to the satisfactory items during installation and use.

1: During installation, the mounting plate shall be flat and the connecting bolts shall be fixed firmly. The end with an arrow is the suspension (stressed) end, and the arrow is downward during installation.

2: Prevent sundries from contaminating the sensor to avoid affecting the accuracy.

3: Shielded cables shall be used as connecting wires, and signal wires shall not be placed together with power cables that can generate strong electromagnetic interference.

4: The load cell shall be handled with care to prevent any impact and fall.

5: Avoid overload damage to the load cell, even if the sensor has a certain overload capacity.

6: The input terminal of the sensor resistance is 400 ohms, and the output terminal is 350 ohms.

7: The bridge supply voltage of the sensor is 10VDC, and the output voltage is 0-30MVDC.

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