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Overview of the stability of stainless steel weights and external influences

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1. Stability assessment of stainless steel weights. The weight is a kind of physical measurement tool, which can show the mass value of the object, and it has both measurement and physical characteristics. In the measurement standard assessment, use this measurement standard to measure the real object, and measure the stable measured object within the specified time, which is the stability of the measurement standard. The stability of the standard balance is the key to ensuring the accuracy of the quality of the measurement weights. The stability of the balance can make the measurement results more accurate. The ability to automatically return to the initial balance after the balance is disturbed is the stability of the balance. A weight can measure the mass value of a physical object, but for a group of weights, it can be used alone or in groups. Used alone can measure a single physical object, and when used in groups, different individual weights can be combined together. , Multiple combinations can measure the quality values of multiple groups of different objects.

2. The choice of measuring instrument. International standards suggest that for measuring instruments, the resolution, sensitivity, repeatability, eccentric load and other measurement characteristics should be known to meet the uncertainty requirements. Before the measurement, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the measuring instrument, determine the standard range of error, and synthesize the standard to improve the accuracy of the measurement. In the "Weight Verification Regulations", specific requirements for the selection of measuring instruments are put forward: before the physical measurement, the measurement characteristics of the measuring instruments must be understood, to see whether the measuring instruments meet the requirements of uncertainty, and to check whether the measuring instruments have been corrected for air buoyancy. , Whether to carry out air buoyancy correction is the key to determining the uncertainty range of the synthetic standard of the measuring instrument. If the air buoyancy correction is carried out, the uncertainty of the synthetic standard of the measuring instrument cannot exceed six points of the absolute value of the maximum allowable error of the stainless steel weight being tested. First, if the weight to be tested is not corrected for air buoyancy, the combined standard uncertainty shall not exceed one-ninth of the absolute value of the maximum allowable error of the weight of the tested weight. The weight mass correction value generally includes the correction amount of air buoyancy, the uncertainty of air volume and air density, if not included, the error of these uncertain amounts should be minimized by calculation. The synthetic uncertainty of the measuring instrument will also cause errors. The measured value should be measured repeatedly, and the method of reducing the error should be used to calculate, and finally the answer with the highest accuracy can be obtained.

This article introduces the stability, uncertainty, measurement review and other contents of stainless steel weights. The material selection of stainless steel weights should be noted. The accuracy of stainless steel weights is the prerequisite for the accuracy of the measurement results. The stability of the balance is also an important link to ensure the quality of the measurement weights. During the experiment, the conditions of the laboratory should be strictly controlled to meet the experimental requirements. The conditions of the laboratory need to be accurately recorded. Try to eliminate the factors that affect the experimental results in a timely manner to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results and increase the intensity of measurement audits. 

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