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Overview of explosion-proof sensor

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With the application and development of the electronic scale, the weighing sensor also keeps pace with the times after its birth, and has made great progress in innovation and development. However, for the risk of explosion in the weighing process of some flammable and explosive substances, the explosion-proof weighing sensor came into being, and its functions are also welcomed by most people.


Explosion proof load cell is a kind of sensor that converts the change of temperature into the change of electric quantity by using the physical characteristics related to temperature of some material or element. The commonly used explosion-proof weighing sensors in measurement are thermocouples and thermal resistors. Thermocouples convert temperature changes into potential changes, while thermal resistors convert temperature changes into resistance value changes.


The material of explosion-proof load cell selected as temperature sensing element shall meet the requirements that the resistance temperature coefficient a of the material shall be large, the explosion-proof weight shall be transferred within the temperature measurement range, the physical and chemical properties of the material shall be stable, the RICE LAKE load cell shall be within the temperature measurement range, the a shall keep constant, the explosion-proof load cell shall have good reproducibility and be easy to copy. The materials suitable for the above conditions are: platinum copper, iron and nickel, etc.

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