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Operation procedure for daily verification of M2 weights

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1. Purpose

To ensure the accurate and consistent transmission of measurement values, strengthen the verification and management of measurement and testing equipment, correctly implement the national measurement verification regulations, and use measurement standards reasonably, and formulate this operating procedure.


2. Scope of application

This operating procedure is suitable for M2 weights for initial inspection and daily inspection.


3. According to the standard

JJG99- -2006 "Weight Verification Regulations"

4. Applicable standard equipment

Standard name: weight M1

5. Verification environment

The environmental temperature, relative humidity, and environmental pressure are strictly implemented in accordance with the verification regulations.

6. Preparation before verification

6.1 Check the temperature, humidity and environment of the laboratory, weight cleaning, surface roughness, and magnetic inspection according to the requirements of the regulations. Verification can be carried out only after being qualified;

6.1 Select the corresponding supporting equipment according to the type and range of the weight to be checked, and check whether the condition of the standard device is normal; whether it meets the requirements of the verification work;

6. 2 Prepare the verification record sheet and make the original records.

7. Verification method.

The weights of different specifications shall be executed in strict accordance with the measurement procedures stipulated in the measurement regulations, and the results shall be calculated and reported.

8. Processing of verification results

A verification certificate shall be issued for those that have been verified to meet the requirements of the regulations, and a verification result notification shall be issued for those that do not comply with the regulations, and indicate the non-compliance items. 

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