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Ningbo SAINTBOND platform scale to pay attention to when installing

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Ningbo SAINTBOND platform scale is a large electronic platform scale with many advantages such as rapid and accurate weighing, digital display, intuitive and easy to read, stable and reliable, and easy to maintain. It can eliminate human reading errors and is more in line with legal measurement management requirements. In addition to the high-quality quality of the electronic floor scales, there are some other things to pay attention to when installing.


Debugging of Ningbo SAINTBOND loadometer:

After installation, check whether all parts of the scale body are connected properly. The scale body should not touch any part of the foundation. The distance between the scale body and the nearby edge guard is 12mm-15mm.

Before commissioning, turn on the power switch to preheat for 15 minutes, and try to use a vehicle with a load close to that of a large scale, repeatedly pass and brake on the load-bearing platform, and tighten the high-strength bolts of the load cells with a torque wrench.

1: Use a digital voltmeter to measure the output voltage of each load cell in sequence. If there are differences, you can adjust the corresponding two precision adjustable resistors in the junction box separately to reduce the difference between each other. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment amount. The rotation direction of the two adjustable resistors should be the same, and the rotation amount should also be the same. When rolling clockwise, the resistance decreases, the output voltage becomes larger, and the apparent value increases, otherwise the reverse is true. Until it is adjusted to the same output of each load cell.

2: After the main points are debugged, add the weight equivalent to the large amount to the load-bearing platform evenly. According to the directions and methods described in the manuals of various weighing indicators, make the displayed value and the weight value the same. , Take off the weight and acknowledge that the empty scale appears as "0". Divide the maximum weighing into several parts, which must include the minimum weighing, the maximum weighing, and the various weighing points of the scale, and request that the weighing error of each point is not greater than the maximum allowable error request of each weighing point .


10 methods for daily maintenance of Ningbo SAINTBOND floor scales:

1: The meter should be grounded separately, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms;

2: The AC voltage is required to be stable, and there should be a regulated power supply;

3: It is strictly forbidden to unplug and plug signal cables in the instrument studio;

4: The car must be loaded on the weighing platform at a constant speed, with a speed limit of 5 kilometers per hour, and it is forbidden to brake suddenly on the weighing platform;

5: In the rainy season, check the water storage condition frequently, do not allow water in the foundation pit, and keep the drainage channel unblocked;

6: When the weighman is off duty, disconnect the power of the instrument (unplug it);

7: Check the limit device regularly, and keep the limit gap at 3-4mm;

8: Regularly clean the underside of the weighing platform to prevent foreign objects from jamming the weighing platform;

9: If you are not using a lightning-proof floor scale, it is forbidden to use the truck scale during a thunderstorm, and you need to unplug the power supply. It is forbidden to park the vehicle on the scale to prevent lightning strikes;

10: When the meter fluctuates abnormally or the measurement is inaccurate, check whether the signal line is damaged, and check whether a cheating device is artificially installed. 

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