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More common weighing problems.

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The portable weighing instrument is a portable weighing scale that is easy to carry and does not require high site requirements. Since it is easy to carry and move, then everyone is concerned about the error and accuracy. Is it like a big floor scale truck scale?

      First of all, it depends on which weighing method you choose. There are two methods of dynamic weighing and static weighing. Dynamic weighing means that the two weighing platforms are spread out in parallel, the vehicle does not stop, and the constant speed of 5km/h is maintained. Heavy table. Static weighing means that each wheel head stops on the weighing table and weighs at the same time!

      So how can the weighing value be in the * state? The following common improper operations will directly affect the accuracy of weighing, the matters needing attention are as follows:

1. During dynamic weighing, the slower the hour, the better, do not stop suddenly and keep a constant speed. The inertia and impact force of sudden braking make the weighing value unstable.

2. After the vehicle is weighed, the wheel will turn in the direction before leaving the weighing platform. Such torsion will affect the service life of the sensor.

3. For ground reasons, if the ground is soft, the vehicle cannot receive the force evenly through the weighing instrument, which will greatly affect the weighing value.

4. The products passed by the quality department are selected, and the weighing cannot reach the desired effect!

The above are more common weighing problems. The main material of the portable weighing instrument is aviation aluminum, which is equipped with rubber or woven material to reduce the buffer. 

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