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Measuring range of stainless steel weight

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Stainless steel weights have a wide measuring range from 1mg to 25kg, books and standard ranges, of course, special ranges can be customized. Jiujin weight factory, our spot direct sale! Specification range of stainless steel weights:

Grade: E1/E2/F1/F2/M1

Material: stainless steel standard weights

Range: 25kg-1mg


1000kg.500kg.200kg.100kg.50kg.25kg.20kg.10kg.5kg.2kg.1kg.500g.200g.100g.50g.20g.10g.5g.2g.1g.500mg.200mg.100mg.50mg.20mg to 1mg

Weights production standard:-R111, JJG99-2006 weight verification regulations

The technical indicators of JF-1 non-magnetic stainless steel standard weights are as follows:

Weight density: 8.00±0.02g/cm3, weight magnetic susceptibility: <1.0006; weight hardness: Rockwell hardness> 40HRC; weight surface roughness:

R is not less than 0.2um; weight stability: the mass change of 1kg weight is greater than 0.1mg within 15 months; it meets the requirements of E1 and E2 weights;

The main products of our factory are cast iron weights, which are square-shaped and lock-shaped, and the specifications are 2000kg-5kg, as well as standard weights made of stainless steel.

Its grades are F1, F2, M1, and M2. Its specification is 1000kg-1mg yuan column type, slice type, square type, ring weight,

Its units are mass (kg) weights, weight (N) weights and imperial pound weights. And provide counterweights and weights for various sensor factories, weighing instrument factories, and electronic scale manufacturers

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