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LWHG001 Lifting Bulk Material Hydraulic Grab Bucket Crane Scale Lifting Weight of Hydraulic Grab

  • LWHG001


Lifting Weight of Hydraulic Grab


Introduction to reactive grab scale:

Reactive grab scale is used for measuring tower type reactive grab crane. Generally, it can be divided into two types: one is applicable to the measurement of small cranes below 5, which places the special measuring head on the head of the crane, and the display instrument can be placed in the cab or other places, with high measurement accuracy connected by wires;


The special measuring head of the reactive grab scale is made on the head of the crane, and the display instrument can be placed in the cab or other places. With special design, it can well overcome the violent shaking of the grab in work. It can choose manual and automatic measurement, and can print each weight and summary.


It is used for the metering and weighing system in the process of loading and unloading bulk materials by tower type and portal type reactive grab cranes. One is a special measuring head placed on the top of the boom, which is specially designed to overcome the measurement inaccuracy caused by frequent boom luffing; The other is a special weighing structure installed on the crane grab, which transmits the weighing data to the weighing instrument through wireless signal transmission, and the instrument performs efficient processing.


The reactive grab scale is a measuring and monitoring system specially designed for the reactive grab crane, which is used in the process of loading and unloading bulk materials. The specially made measuring head is placed at the head of the crane's boom. The display control instrument can be placed at a suitable position in the cab or at the lower part of the crane (equipped with a glass window and lock beard instrument box). It is specially designed to overcome the measurement inaccuracy caused by the violent shaking of the grab and the irregular luffing operation. The measurement of each ship's cargo can be completed accurately and the list can be printed automatically, It belongs to an efficient, pure dynamic weighing.


Full automatic wireless lifting solution:

According to the practical case, it is recommended to adopt the fully automatic wireless lifting scheme, and the illustration of the actual solution is shown as follows:


Physical drawing of installation structure:


            Structure diagram of grab before installation                                         Structure diagram of grab after installation


1:The original grab structure is not changed, but the weighing structure is added to the connecting part.

2:The grab is equipped with a wireless transmitter, which is powered by batteries, supports remote wake-up, and displays battery power for easy management.


Interpretation of product plan:

1: With reliable and advanced hardware circuit and scientific and reasonable weighing structure, the wireless electronic hanging scale series electronic hanging scales are accurate, stable, reliable, durable, and more adaptable to the weighing requirements of various environmental occasions. They are widely used for the measurement of bulk materials such as large ports, docks, grain depots, power plants, warehouses, and the measurement and warehousing of chemical and building materials industries. It is installed on the grab bucket of various cranes, which is stable for a long time, reliable in weighing, and free of correction when replacing wire ropes. It does not affect the service life of the wire rope, and is more convenient and fast to use, greatly reducing the trouble of measuring ships and the error of calculating tonnage. It is suitable for various lifting states and unloading modes of the crane (direct loading, loading, feed hopper, unloading dock, etc.), with a cumulative measurement accuracy of 1%.


2: The working process of the electronic hopper scale is that the crane grabs the material and puts the material automatically, and accumulates the total weight. The workflow is as follows:


The above processes are automatically cycled, and the instrument automatically prints and accumulates the weight of materials, without personnel on duty.


3:Product features

Fully automatic control system, unattended, can automatically complete the whole weighing process.


The optional position transmitter effectively solves the problem of bucket clearing and stacking during weighing, making weighing more stable, accurate and reliable.


Equipped with high-precision weighing sensor, high sensitivity, high consistency of output signal, long-term calibration free.


The integrated weighing structure is more compact, firm and durable.


Fourth: Illustration


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