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LPG01 Electronic Mechanic Filling Scales Weigh Filling Machines Cylinder Filling Scale

  • LPG01




After the application of the large diameter automatic cut-off valve resisting to pollution of other series. Flexible electromechanical linage device can be driven by batteries, according with the requirement of explosion proof, getting rid of the trouble of alternating current pavement. The whole structure is compact and reasonable. The appearance is beautiful. It can be put into use. With no expertise, everyone can easily easily take advantage of the product. The same as the maintenance. The difficulty will be reduced and the work efficiency will be improved, which can enable the preciseness and quality when filling.



Degree of accuracy:3 degree;

Min. capacity:2kg;

Max. capacity:300kg;

Degree of division:3000;

Division value:100g;


Duration: no less than 2 years;

Suitable medium: liquefied petroleum gas and other liquefied gas whose requirement of explosion proof is lower than Exib II CT4;



Able to measure the net weight (rule out the container) auto zero (increase, decrease or cell changing)

Automatic cutting once reaching the set weight with buzzer calling and alerting signal;

Auto recording statistic of every filling tank;

Various filling modes can be chosen;

Easy to see the weight before and after;

Filling interface can be selected. One is the normal one. The others is the one without empty tank. When 10% left, the weight will be shown. Long bottom can make the inversion in 3 seconds;

Batch query function: querying the last ten accumulated bottles and gas consumption in the interface;

Anti cheating function: weight decrease for man made interfere without suspending. Auto altering alarm-LOC-.

Preventing overfilling: limitation to the Max. Filling capacity customized;

Customer code of filling tank code or filling tank code can be input to realize sale management and tracing (wireless module)

Wireless communication function (Optional): Uploading to the computer, monitoring and inquiring;


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