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LCT007 Dynamic Torque Sensing Systems Dynamic Rotating Torque Sensor High-precision Rotarting Torque Sensor

  • LCT007


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Product Description:


This series of torque sensors are specially designed and developed on the basis of standard torque and strain sensors to transmit torque parameters. The torque sensors of this series have:

1:Torque measurement function; 2. Energy and signal non-contact transmission function, 3 output signal digitization function

2:It can transmit static torque signal, rotating torque signal, dynamic torque signal and static torque signal,

3:The signal is transmitted regardless of rotation, speed and steering. It can be used for long time and high speed operation.

4: High precision and good stability;

5:Small volume, light weight, easy to install;

6:The positive and negative torque signals can be transmitted continuously without repeatedly zeroing;

7:No wear parts such as collecting ring can run at high speed for a long time;

8: Strong anti-interference;

9: It can be installed in any position and in any direction;


II:Technical elements

1: Measuring range: 0 ~ 200N. M;

2: Accuracy: 0.5% F.S;

3: Applicable speed below 8000 rpm;

4: Ambient temperature: - 20℃- 50℃;

5: Frequency response: 100μ s;

6: Dead weight = 4kg;

7:Output signal: 0-12v square wave frequency; Zero torque: 10 kHz; Forward full scale: 15 kHz; Reverse full scale: 5 kHz, load current < 10mA;

8:Signal socket: (1) 0V, (2) + 15V, (3) - 15V, (4) (speed signal), (5) torque signal;


This series of torque sensors can work for a long time due to transformer induction power supply. They are widely used in torque monitoring of motors, generators, reducers and diesel engines.


If it is necessary to measure the speed, as long as a special speed sensor and its speed wheel are installed in the housing of this series of torque sensors, the speed signal of 6-60 square waves per revolution can be measured.


1: Two sets of coupling are used to install the torque sensor between the power source and the load;

2: It is suggested to use flexible, elastic or universal joint coupling to ensure concentricity 0.1mm;

3: The power and load equipment must be fixed and reliable to avoid vibration;

4: The base of the torque sensor and the base of the equipment shall be fixed flexibly (swinging) as far as possible to avoid bending moment;

III:Signal processing

1: The torque value is directly displayed by using a series of torque instruments;

2: Send the torque frequency signal to the computer or PLC for processing directly;

3: The external module can be converted into 4-20m a or 1-5V, 0-10V analog signal


IIII:Note for use:

1: The wiring must be correct;

2:± 15V range: not lower than ± 14.5V and not higher than ± 15.5v;

3: The output of signal line shall not be short circuited to ground or power supply, and the output current shall not be greater than 10mA;

4: The shielding layer of shielded cable must be connected with the common end (power ground) of ± 15V power supply;

5:In case of any doubt during use, please contact the company in time. It shall not be disassembled within the warranty period;


Product name LCT007 Dynamic Torque Sensing Systems Dynamic Rotating Torque Sensor High-precision Rotarting Torque Sensor
Market All over the world
Features High precision and stable performance
Advantage 0EM/ODM
Sample Lead Time 5~ 40Days
Sample price The price is different according to product capacity
Custom Design Welcome
Form of sale Factory supply


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