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KS0003 Amazon Prime Scales Best Kitchen Scales Digital

  • KS0003



How to use: first place the electronic scale on the horizontal table, and press the (on / off) key to display "0.0", and then put the objects to be weighed on the scale pan. This scale is a high-precision product, so it must be placed on a stable and stable horizontal surface. Slight swing and vibration will affect the weighing results, but if the difference is not more than plus or minus several grams, it is within the normal range, Please feel free to use.

Product Introduction:

Stainless steel wire drawing for scale pan;

High precision touch button;

The precision is 1g, the weight is 5g, and the maximum error is plus or minus 3G;


Baby material: fingerprint oil 201 stainless steel;

Weighing unit: 5000g /1g;

Unit of measurement: G, ML, Oz, lb.oz;

Maximum weight: 5kg;

Division value: 1g;

Battery model: No.7 battery;

Number of batteries: 2;

Outer box size: outer box: 47.5 × 40.5 × 32cm / 40pcs g.w/n.w = 12 / 13kgs;

Gross weight of outer case: 13kg;



Friendly reminder:

When not in use, do not stack items on the scale surface, so as to avoid a large amount of battery consumption and normal use;

When weighing, put the objects in the middle as far as possible to improve the accuracy;

Do not hit the scale hard;

Don't put it in the place with water stains. It can't be cleaned with water;


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