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Importance and classification of load cells

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The three foundations of modern information technology are information collection, transmission and processing technologies, namely sensing technology, communication technology and computer technology, which respectively constitute the "sense", "nerve" and "brain" of information technology system. The home part of the information collection system is a sensor, which is placed at the front end of the system. In a modern automatic detection system, if there is no sensor, it is impossible to detect and control the output of each link in the production process, and it is also impossible to achieve automatic control. In modern technology, sensors are actually the basis of modern testing technology and automation technology.


The load cell is called the heart part of the electronic weighing instrument. With the rapid development of science and technology, the electronic weighing instrument made of weighing sensor has been widely used in all walks of life, realizing fast and accurate weighing of materials. Especially with the appearance of microprocessor and the continuous improvement of industrial production process automation, the weighing sensor has become a necessary device in process control. At present, load cells are almost used in all walks of life.


According to the conversion method, load cells are generally divided into nine categories: resistance strain gauge type, electromagnetic force type, photoelectric type, hydraulic type, vibration type, magnetic pole change type, gyroscope type and fiber grating type. Resistance strain gauge type is the most widely used.

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