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How to use wire rope loadcell

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The general classification and classification of tension loadcell include: manual tension sensor classification, semi-automatic tension sensor classification and automatic tension sensor classification. There are two more commonly used manual and automatic on the market.


Manual control type: Manual tension control is a control method in which the excitation current of the clutch and brake is manually adjusted in stages to obtain the tension with the change of the coil diameter during rewinding and unwinding. In addition, if you want to use the programmable controller D/A converter to control the excitation current of the clutch/brake, you can directly connect the external control voltage (0-10V) to the manual controller for automatic control.


Fully automatic control type: The closed-loop tension sensor classification using the tension detector, when multi-axis switching control is performed according to the external sequence control program, the new axis preset control of the control output is performed based on the input signal of the roller switching. The automatic tension sensor classification adopts a number of advanced technologies in the world; dedicated microprocessor, high-speed 18-bit A/D converter, anti-interference automatic recovery technology, and PID non-overshoot algorithm, so as to achieve constant tension control. Widely used in printing, packaging, papermaking, textile, cable and other industries that require precise measurement and control of tension.


Overview of wire rope tension loadcell

As a key component of traction and bearing, steel wire ropes are widely used in various fields of national economic construction such as coal mines, metallurgy, transportation, and ports, and play an important role. During the working process of the steel wire rope, due to the uncertainty of the load, the steel wire rope breaks, resulting in economic losses and even accidents. Therefore, during the use of the wire rope, it is undoubtedly of great significance to detect the actual tension and its changes in the design, installation, use and maintenance of the wire rope.


Characteristics of wire rope tension loadcell

Three-roller method (three-point bending method) measurement principle.

The resistance strain type load cell is used, which has high measurement accuracy and good repeatability.


The movable installation can directly clamp the cable under test without threading the cable. It can be clamped at any position of the bearing cable without releasing the tension of the cable, and the static and dynamic tension of the cable can be measured. Easy to install, remove, use and maintain.


The rollers are installed with high-strength sealed bearings, which have strong environmental adaptability and can be used online without affecting cable routing.


Application of wire rope tension loadcell

The cable tension measurement system is used to solve the problem of online automatic detection of the tension of the rope in the dynamic and static processes without changing the force structure of the rope. It is widely used for rope tension measurement in the fields of crane group, aerial transmission line erection, windlass cable, wire rope suspension, etc.

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