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How to choose a masterbatch machine that suits you

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The masterbatch machine is suitable for automatic batching and mixing of new materials, secondary materials, masterbatches or additives. When we choose a machine, we must choose according to our actual situation, because only a good machine is good and inappropriate, whether it is cheap or beautiful, it is useless. The same is true for color masters. So how do you choose the right master blender for you?

1. Understand the tonnage and ground height of the injection molding machine or extruder;

2. When matching with drying barrels larger than 50kg, a solid base is required;

3. The color masterbatch mixer can add three or more main mixers at the same time;

4. Standard stirrer or stainless steel stirrer can be used to make the mixing of raw materials more uniform;

5. The main hopper is optional, which is convenient for material addition;

6. Optional material level switch, which will automatically prompt when there is no material;

7. Optional ordinary type or high temperature type masterbatch machine.

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