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How to Use Axle Loader Correctly

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The axle load meter adopts high-precision sensors. After years of user use, Ningbo Shengbang has concluded that the product is second to none in the comparison of degree, stability, water resistance, and repeat accuracy, and has become a medium-heavy reputation and reliable quality unit. There are various effective sizes of the weighing platform; the axle load weighing platform is made of materials, light in weight, and has its own approach bridge; therefore, the system is easy to carry, transport and install. Perfect display, setting, correction, operation, printing, communication and other functions are simple and clear to use.

Precautions when using the axle loadometer:

1: Do not park vehicles and accumulate sundries on the axle load platform, and do not allow dirty vehicles to be inspected directly. It should be cleaned first and inspected when there is less dripping;

2: Cars that exceed the rated load are prohibited from driving on the axle load platform;

3: The axle load meter is an accurate electronic product. The vehicle must be dehydrated for rain detection. It can only be detected when there is less dripping water. It cannot be directly placed on the road with water;

4: Water enters the axle load meter, and the sensor is kept dry so that the sensor can work normally;

5: When the vehicle enters the axle loadometer weighing platform, it must not be too fast to prevent the impact force from hitting the weighing platform;

Maintenance of car axle load instrument:

1: The axle load meter must be cleaned after use, and the dirt on the table and in the gap must be disposed of;

2: Check whether the upper table of the axle load platform is in a normal position after the impact of the vehicle, the normal position of the upper table refers to the weighing area of the upper table of the axle load table;

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