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How to Choose a Portable Axle Loader

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Car weighing instrument - It may be very unfamiliar to many people who are not in this industry. Many customers want to buy a suitable portable axle weighing instrument, and sometimes choose to give up due to their lack of understanding of its performance and purchase. !

Some customers think they have done their homework before choosing to buy, and they may be fooled without knowing it. Some customers can also buy suitable products by mistake. Therefore, whether the portable axle load meter is well selected is just a thought In between, both experience and luck are needed, and it is also a very important factor to find a strong and professional company when choosing an axle loadometer.

The portable axle load meter is a product with technical content. As a novice, the knowledge must be mastered. It must be selected according to the needs and the actual situation of the product. It cannot be a slave of price. , product quality, after-sales service and so on.

What points should be paid attention to when choosing a portable axle loadometer:

Load cell: The load cell is the "heart" of the entire equipment of the car weighing instrument, that is, the load cell of the axle load instrument. If the load cell is not selected well, it will not only waste the cost, but also reduce the overall The accuracy and service life of the axle load instrument, etc. The sensor used in the portable axle load meter produced by Ningbo Shengbang Company is a pressure sensor. After several compensation processes and A/D digital linear processing technology, the accuracy of the sensor will not affect each other during debugging, and the zero point and resistance matching are solved. and other problems, the accuracy can reach: static <± 5‰FS, dynamic <± 3%FS. Compared with the same kind of car weighing instrument products in the same industry, it has advantages.

Force performance: When the car weighing instrument works, it is faced with high-pressure and high-impact load-limited vehicles, so it must have a good pressure impact capability. Both in terms of bearing capacity and overload resistance are extremely high, so that they can be used normally in harsh environments.

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