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How should Ningbo SAINTBOND scales be used correctly in daily applications?

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Ningbo SAINTBOND scale is a kind of scale, also known as platform scale, which usually consists of three parts: scale body, sensor and instrument. The fixed base has a load-bearing tray or metal plate. So how should the Ningbo SAINTBOND scale be used correctly in daily applications? What should I pay attention to after use? Let's take a look together below!


1: When using the Ningbo SAINTBOND scale, place the object as lightly as possible on the load-bearing weight, and do not place it by slamming it. And after each use, the parts are removed to avoid damage to the blade.

2: If the mechanical platform scale is used continuously, after a certain number of times, whether the empty scale is balanced to ensure accurate measurement.

3: In the process of using the mechanical helper scale, in addition to proofreading the empty scale, nothing can be hung on the mound, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the scale.

4: In order to avoid damage to the scale body during use, the maximum weight of the object must be measured, and it does not exceed the weighing indication value of the mechanical scale.

Precautions before use:

When in use, first put the packaging inside and outside of the Ningbo SAINTBOND scale on a flat and hard ground, and land on the four wheels at the same time to prevent the adult body from tilting and affecting the measurement.

When using the scale, you should shake the load-bearing plate to ensure that the knives and knives are well received. At the same time, check whether the metering lever is deformed, and then hang the mound and the metering lever force point ring. If it is unbalanced, turn the adjusting screw to make it empty. The scale is balanced.


Maintenance items of Ningbo SAINTBOND scale:

1: When the platform scale is used for a long period of time, the blades and the knife bearing ring will suffer a certain amount of wear and fatigue, and the accuracy and sensitivity will be reduced each other. Therefore, the Ningbo SAINTBOND scale must be checked and calibrated regularly. Under normal circumstances, half a year or Check and repair once a year, and increase tuó at least once a year.

2: The collimator should always be kept dry and clean. Do not leave the fluid and dirt in the collimation frame and the knife holder. The weighing ring should be kept clean frequently to avoid affecting the sensitivity.

3: To keep it intact, not to remove arbitrarily.

4: During the handling process, strictly prevent impact and never allow the lever to lift the measuring lever, otherwise the scale body and parts will be damaged, and the measuring lever will be deformed, which will affect the accuracy of the Ningbo SAINTBOND scale.

5: Do not put the scale in the open air, do not put the scale and corrosive objects together, so as not to affect the service life of the parts due to corrosion.

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