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How portable truck scales work

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By nature of design, portable truck scales have a low-profile which allows trucks to be driven over them. These scales can precisely calculate the weight of each load. Inside of each portable truck scale is a unit called a load cell, and this is the component that collects weight data and transmits it to an external terminal or display. This load cell is protected inside of the sturdy casing of the scale, which ensures the long-lasting operation of the scale. In many models, ramps are placed on both sides of the scale surface, which facilitates easy entry and exit of trucks. It should be noted that, with portable truck scales, each axle must be weighed individually. To calculate the net weight of the truckload, all that is needed is to add the measurements of all of the axles, and then subtract the weight of the empty vehicle. 


Flexibility is vital when you’re using portable scales, and as such, portable truck scales are available in several different lengths and can be categorized as either portable axle scales and/or portable wheel weighers. While both of these types of scales share similar features, businesses that are looking for simple weighing solutions that utilize a low-profile design and resilience in harsh conditions can find the perfect answer in wheel weighers. These portable scales are easy to operate and deploy, and run on battery power.


Whether the vehicles you plan on weighing are single or multi-axle, portable truck scales are designed for accurate weight data recording. Typically, portable truck scales include most, if not all, of the following features:

Simple assembly and deployment capabilities

Straightforward, user-friendly interface which requires no special training

Durable construction fit for rugged, harsh environments

Reliable overload protection systems

Designed with heavy-duty operation in mind, delivering accurate data with heavy loads

Minimal storage space required due to compact design

Optional ramps for ease of use, even on uneven terrain

Advanced features like weigh-in-motion technology, which allow trucks to maintain a slow speed over scales and never actually stop

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