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How does a crane measure weight?

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How does a crane measure weight

SAINTBOND crane scales are widely used. It is a measuring instrument for weighing objects in a suspended state. Since it also acts as a connecting part during the weighing process, the SAINTBOND crane scale must also have some functions as a lifting device or a lifting accessory. SAINTBOND crane scale is generally composed of load cell mechanical force transmission mechanism, load-bearing display instrument and so on.



1. Basic parameters of SAINTBOND crane scale

There is a direct display of power on and off automatic voltage display. Good dynamic weighing performance, does not affect the weighing results due to the shaking of heavy objects. Equipped with a wireless remote control for easy operation. Accumulation, automatic accumulation, tare, remote tare, value hold, display division value selection, arbitrary weight correction. Overload, underload reminder display, low voltage alarm, alarm when the battery capacity is lower than 10%. The automatic shutdown function prevents battery damage caused by forgetting to shutdown.


Components: It is mainly composed of high-strength hook, shackle, all-steel shell, front cover, rear cover, sensor and protection plate. The built-in battery can be charged directly on the back cover. The hooks and shackles are all nickel-plated on the surface, and the all-steel shell is treated with a special anti-corrosion process. The whole scale is beautiful in appearance, safe and durable. Swivel hook design to ensure positive reading. There are protective plates on both sides of the sensor, which are safe and reliable.


The main application of the light-duty direct-view wireless crane scale: occasions with good working conditions in the fields of logistics, warehousing, factory inbound and outbound, and trading markets. For severe working conditions, please choose OCS-g-XS wireless steel structure wired crane scale or OCS-L-XZ direct-view crane scale. Compared with competing products, this product is safe and reliable, with stable precision, convenience and durability.


Product features: It has the characteristics of accurate weighing, complete functions, simple operation, and easy portability; it can be widely used for loading and unloading in ports, transportation, metallurgical industry, steel market, building materials market, warehousing, coal, papermaking and industrial and mining enterprises. Goods measurement, technological process measurement, raw material in and out measurement and warehouse inventory measurement.


Types: From the working form, it can be divided into four types: hook suspension type, driving type, axle seat type, and embedded type; from the reading form, it can be divided into scale body direct display type (that is, the sensor and scale body are integrated), wired Operation box display (Electronic crane operation control), large-screen display and wireless transmission instrument display (can be networked with a microcomputer); from the form of the sensor, it can be divided into four types: resistance strain type, piezoelectric type, piezoelectric type and capacitive type. The resistance strain type is the most commonly used. From the use environment, it is divided into normal temperature type, high temperature type, low temperature type, antimagnetic insulation type and explosion-proof type; in terms of data stabilization processing, it can be divided into static type, quasi-dynamic type and dynamic type; currently the commonly used static and Quasi-dynamic type, dynamic type is still in the development stage.


Straight SAINTBOND crane scale: LED is suitable for indoor use, good dynamic weighing performance, does not affect the weighing due to the shaking of heavy objects, high integration, and high reliability.


Wireless SAINTBOND crane scale Dynamometer: all-steel structure shell, beautiful, sturdy, anti-vibration and impact resistance, good waterproof performance, excellent anti-electromagnetic interference performance, can be directly used on the electromagnetic chuck. High temperature thermal insulation type and anti-corrosion type can be selected


The main advantages and disadvantages of electronic hook scales:

1.Reduce the operation links, speed up the measurement speed, save manpower, material resources and time, so that the goods can be measured during the lifting, loading and unloading process.

2.It does not occupy space, and it is convenient and flexible to use.

3.It can make the metering work continuously, and play the role of monitoring and control. For example, in electrolysis workshops and metallurgical casting occasions in the non-ferrous industry, the weight of aluminum (steel) water in the aluminum (steel) water ladle can be monitored in a timely manner, so as to maximize the utilization of equipment and save energy.

4.Realize remote transmission of metering data and centralized monitoring, so that people can leave the harsh and dangerous working environment.

5.It is easy to combine with the Wireless Hanging crane control system to reduce the post setting. The company's newly developed SAINTBOND crane scale load cells, a multifunctional crane unit suitable for electrolytic aluminum workshops, is organically combined with the crane remote control.

6.Convenient for metrological verification and simple error correction.

7.Multiple functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating, low maintenance costs.

8.The hook-head suspension type crane scale affects the height of the crane to lift the goods. The traveling type and the axle base type need to be modified to the crane Weight scale, which affects the crane operation during maintenance. Raising the height without affecting the crane operation is a direction of the current industry development.


Maximum weighing: the maximum load-bearing capacity without adding tare weight; accuracy level: divided into medium accuracy or ordinary accuracy, that is, 3 or 4 poles; zero range: when there is no load on the carrier The ability to adjust the indication value to the range of zero when the tare weight is reached; tare range: the sum of the tare weight and the net weight is not greater than the weighing capacity, and the weighing is valid within the range of 0% to 100%; the maximum safe load: the scale can withstand, The maximum static load that will not permanently change its measurement performance; working environment conditions: including working temperature, relative humidity, and working voltage; system reading stabilization time: start timing when the object to be weighed is lifted off the ground and the lifting equipment stops running, The time required until a stable value can be read is the stabilization time.


2. Structure and working principle of SAINTBOND crane scale load cell

The load cell is the main component of the SAINTBOND crane scale, and it is necessary to focus on its structural composition and working principle. Capacitive load cells are the more commonly used type in SAINTBOND hanging hanging scales. It usually consists of a fan-shaped elastic element and a capacitor plate fixed on the elastic element. The capacitive sensor is installed in the closed space formed by the shell and the shear plate, which eliminates the influence of shear force on the sensor and prevents the adverse effect of the external environment on the sensor. Both ends of the sensor are connected with lifting rings with chains and universal joints to eliminate the bending moment that may act on the sensor.


Working principle of capacitive load cell: Capacitive sensor is a kind of sensor that converts the mass of the object to be weighed into the change of capacitor capacity. It uses various types of capacitance as the conversion element, which is actually a variable parameter. capacitor.


After the instrument receives the sensor signal through the receiver and the signal cable, it decodes and sends it to the microcomputer for processing. The microcomputer processes the decoded signal according to the instruction input from the keyboard, and finally sends the obtained weighing result to the display and printer register. Wait.


3. Reasons and solutions for signal interruption of wireless SAINTBOND crane scale

SAINTBOND crane scale belongs to the current advanced weighing equipment and adopts advanced weight sensing technology. The SAINTBOND crane scale is mainly divided into two types, one is the direct-view SAINTBOND crane scale Dynamometer, and the other is the wireless SAINTBOND crane scale. Today, Chenghua Manufacturing mainly talks to you about the wireless SAINTBOND crane scale, especially the signal transmission of the wireless SAINTBOND crane scale. question. Some SAINTBOND crane scales may have signal interruption during use, which affects the normal reading of weight values. What is the main reason for this?


Before understanding, we must first have a general understanding of the working principle of the SAINTBOND crane scale. The weight of the object acts on the sensor through the hook, and is converted into a corresponding analog voltage signal by the sensor and transmitted to the data acquisition board. After amplification, filtering, A /D is converted into a corresponding digital signal, and the corresponding weight data is obtained after being processed by the data processing board sent to the instrument by the wireless transmission system, and the number is displayed on the instrument display screen. After understanding the working principle of SAINTBOND crane scale, we can simply analyze the problem of signal interruption of SAINTBOND crane scale.


1. First of all, you can check whether the data parameter settings of your computer and the instrument are normal. You can exchange the RDX and tdx of the instrument. You only need to switch the instrument end, and you can pay attention not to move the computer.


2. If the information is still not received, you can check the parameter settings on the instrument and the computer again. The instrument does not have a data transmission mode set, and many instruments do not transmit data when they leave the factory. The meter rate and the computer baud rate are different. The meter does not open the settings of several other communication parameters (parity check, stop bit, and data bit). Generally, the default values are: parity check: no; stop bit: 1 ; The data bits are: 8.


3. Check whether it is caused by data welding error.


4. The computer interface (COM port) is damaged; it is easy to cause data not to be received; the detection method is to change a computer and try again; or use a very old COM mouse to test.


These are some of the reasons and solutions for the signal interruption of SAINTBOND crane scales. I hope to help everyone. At the same time, Chenghua Manufacturing also reminds every user that they must return to the factory for the first time when they cannot carry out maintenance and processing by themselves.

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