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How does S type loadcell work

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Generally, most of the small rubber tension machine loadcells choose the S type. This loadcell mainly applies the principle of resistance strain. The sensitive beam is elastically deformed under the action of external force, so that the resistance strain gauge pasted on its surface is deformed, causing its resistance to change, and then the resistance change is converted by the corresponding measurement circuit. is the voltage signal. Then the weak voltage signal output by the loadcell is amplified by the transmitter and converted into a standard voltage signal for the data acquisition card to read. Normally, the output voltage value is linearly proportional to the tension and pressure.


The S-type load cell has a reasonable structure and has good anti-eccentric load, anti-side load, anti-vibration and impact performance. Moreover, it has good dynamic and static performance, stability and reliability, easy installation, good linearity and repeatability.


We take a 50Kg S-type loadcell as an example to calibrate it. In its full scale range, take 5 calibration points, starting from the zero point, from low to high, input the predetermined calibration value one by one, and then input the predetermined calibration value in reverse order from high to low, until it returns to the zero point. The loadcell can be calibrated by linear fitting the obtained forward and reverse travel data.


S-type loadcell is a common loadcell in loadcells. Because of its shape like "S", it is called S-type loadcell. It is mainly used to measure tension or pressure. It is also called S-type dual-purpose loadcell. It can also be used by outputting more than one at the same time. S-type load cells are available ranging from 2 kg to 10 tons. S-type load cell is one of the common load cell types, mainly using electronic strain gauge technology. The resistance strain loadcell is composed of an elastomer, a resistance strain gauge, a compensation resistor and a housing, and can be designed into various structural forms according to specific measurement requirements. The elastic body is deformed by the measured force and deforms the resistance strain gages attached to it. The resistance strain gage then converts the deformation into a change in resistance value, so that the force value can be measured.

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