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Handheld automobile axle load meter-the correct way deal with a sudden weighing failure

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Handheld automobile axle load meter-this product is a kind of portable dynamic weighing meter, the products are divided into two types, wired type and wireless type. Each category has four types of products: dual-channel, four-channel, six-channel, and eight-way, corresponding to the four models to be weighed; it is suitable for static weighing of axle-type vehicles, and it can accurately measure each One wheel weight, each axle weight and the total weight of the vehicle. It can meet the needs of automobile research and development companies, vehicle units, automobile 4S shops and some users who need to weigh cars. It is convenient to carry, does not occupy space, and is simple to operate.

 Handheld automobile axle load meter-the correct way to deal with a sudden weighing failure

==》1. Repeated weighing of the same object has continuous high or continuous low error: This needs to first check whether the axle load scale is placed on a flat ground. If the ground is uneven, please find a flat ground before placing and weighing. If the ground is normal, readjust the parameters according to the instructions of the weighing indicator.

==》2. After the axle load scale weighing indicator is connected, the weight is not displayed, and there is no response: it is usually caused by the broken signal wire. You can check the solder joints of the signal wire and the plug.

==》3. There is a weighing display on the weighing display, but the displayed value is very different from the actual weight: it is necessary to check whether the connection line is damaged and whether there is a bad contact. If so, please reconnect it.

==》4. The weighing indicator of the axle load scale cannot be turned on, or it will automatically turn off soon after it is turned on: You can check the battery level and check whether the charger can be charged normally. If not, just change the battery.

==》5. Can't print, can't save data: In this case, you can check whether the battery voltage reaches the normal working voltage. If the battery voltage is lower than the normal working voltage, the meter can also start and read normally, but save the data, use the printer, etc. The functions of the TV university may crash and other phenomena.

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