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Features of three pulley tension sensor

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1. The three pulley sensor is made of high-strength synthetic nylon wheels specially used for construction machinery, which are widely used in large cranes, manned elevators, etc. It has strong adaptability to wire ropes, low wear rate, convenient installation and maintenance, and better mechanical performance than ordinary iron pulleys.


2. The three pulley sensor uses the tension generated by the force of the wire rope to react on the shear force generated by the pulley to measure the weight of the hoisted object. The accuracy is reliable and the range is wide. The protection level of the wire rope tension sensor can reach IP67, which is suitable for outdoor harsh environments.


3. The three pulley sensor is fixed by universal joint, which is convenient for installation and light in weight. It also adapts to the swing of wire rope in the movement process, and has good force measuring effect.


4. It is applicable to truck cranes, crawler cranes and other lifting equipment without fixed rope ends.


5. At the same time, a speed sensor can also be installed on the three pulley sensor to meet the requirements of both force and speed measurement;

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