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Do you know how the axle load scale works in daily life?

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Recommended ground requirements for axle load scales: The test bench should be placed on a smooth cement road or a smooth and stable asphalt road during measurement, and the unevenness per square ≤ 3 mm/ square meter

The axle load scale turns on the instrument and sets the instrument parameters according to the model. The specific operation is carried out according to the attached instrument manual.

Axle load scales are widely used in the weighing and measurement of low-value materials in transportation, construction, energy, and other industries; trade settlement between factories, mines and enterprises, and vehicle axle load detection of transportation companies. The weighing is accurate, the operation is convenient, and the installation and maintenance are simple. Through weighing the axle or axle group weight of the vehicle, the product of the whole vehicle weight is obtained through accumulation. It has the characteristics of small floor space, less foundation construction, easy relocation, dynamic and static dual use, etc. 

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