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Description of 10 advantages of explosion-proof electronic platform scale

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Advantages of explosion-proof electronic platform scale:

Advantage 1: The overall technical index structure uses laser seamless welding, and similar domestic products generally use manual spot welding.

Advantage 2: The cost performance is the highest among similar products in China.

Advantage 3: The sensor has better repeatability, linearity and creep performance.

Advantage 4: The process is close to the international brand standards (Toledo, Cedolis).

Advantage 5: The accuracy is higher than the standards of foreign brands.

Advantage 6: LED digital tube display, clear and easy to read;

Advantage 7: automatic zero tracking, full deduction and weight accumulation function;

Advantage 8: user simple calibration, AC and DC dual use, automatic shutdown and power saving function;

Advantage 9: The weighing frame is made of field-shaped square tube carbon steel, and the material of the weighing pan: stainless steel;

Advantage 10: sensor: 0 2 foot stand; stable response speed, high sensitivity;

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