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DS3(11Version) Digital Analog Weight Transmitter Digital Display Indicator

  • DS3(11Version)

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Weighing indicator XK3190-DS3 is widely applied in electronic floor scale, electronic truck scale, static railway scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1~16 digital load cell.



AC/DC power supply;

 Interface adopts new magnet-proof technology;


With optional interface;

(a)Printing data separate module;

(b)Digital output module;

(c)4-20mA module;


Technical Parameter:

Digital load cell connection

Connection method: RS485,capatiable for both four and six wires

Connection distance: About 1000 meters

Connection quantity: 1~16

Communication protocol of load cell: SAINTBOND

Load cell power: DC 12V,0.8A(Max)


Display method: 7 bits super bright LED display, 10 indications;

Clock: real clock;

Scoreboard interface;

Signal: 20mA current loop, serial. Baud rate: 600 Transmission distance: <2000 meters

Printer interface

Available for wide line printer:LQ-300K,KX-P113K KX-P1121s;

DS-300 Thermal micro-printer:POS58,T58D;

Optional panel type micro printer;

Serial communication interface

Standard interface: RS232C (RS422/RS485 optional);

Power supply:AC187~242V;49~51HZ

DC power supply: (outside) rechargeable 12V battery;


Standard Function:

Able to connect several sorts of digital load cells using Saintbond protocal;

Auto/semi-auto/manual angle correction;

Digital load cell communication address modification function;

Single load cell and single angle data checking function;

With two divisions auto switch function;

Non-linearity correction and calibration tolerance correction;

Time power-off function;

Weighing data save/check/delete/ protection in case of power off;

Standard RS232C (RS422/RS485 optional) communication interface;

Standard scoreboard interface with 20mA current loop method;

Standard parallel print interface;

Able to save 1000 vehicle ID and corresponding tare weight,201 cargo ID and corresponding cargo name,1001 weighing records;

Able to back up and recover various parameters of indicator, reliable and practical;


Product name DS3(11Version) Digital Analog Weight Transmitter Digital Display Indicator
Market All over the world
Features High precision and stable performance
Advantage 0EM/ODM
Sample Lead Time 5~ 40Days
Sample price The price is different according to product capacity
Custom Design Welcome
Form of sale Factory supply


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