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Curious to know how to use the electronic crane scale correctly

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The electronic crane scale has a good dynamic weighing function, and will not affect the weighing accuracy due to the shaking of the object. You must be very curious to know how to use the electronic crane scale correctly. Next, the manufacturer of the electronic crane scale - Ningbo Shengbang Electronics Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the problems that need to be paid attention to when using the electronic crane scale. 1. When the electronic crane scale is in use, it is strictly forbidden for people to stay below, and a certain safety distance must be maintained when necessary. It is recommended to use the remote control to operate the basic functions, and try to choose a wireless digital electronic crane scale when purchasing. 2. The weight of the item to be weighed is strictly prohibited to exceed the maximum rated weight of the electronic crane scale itself, and overloading is prohibited. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer in detail when purchasing, and choose the electronic crane scale that suits your needs. 3. It is strictly forbidden to directly collide with the display window of the electronic crane scale. When the product is damaged, please contact the manufacturer for maintenance in time. 4. The electronic crane scale should be regularly maintained and inspected to ensure its safe use. Ningbo Shengbang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of electronic crane scales, crane scales, wireless crane scales and other equipment. The company has provided a complete set of product solutions for large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, environmental monitoring departments, transportation safety, energy and other fields. Welcome new and old customers to inquire. Share Information Classroom Nickname:

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