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Classification of calibration errors of standard weights

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In the process of using balances in the past, people have summarized a relatively complete set of rules for the calibration error of standard weights, and divided the errors into unpredictable errors and predictable errors according to the type of performance.

(1) Predictability error. Predictability error is the reason that can be foreseen in the calibration of standard weights. Generally, it has two characteristics: First, it has a certain regularity. As an ancient measuring tool, people have gained a certain understanding of some things that exist in the process of weight verification in the long-term practice in the past, and some of the errors have been summarized, providing a good job for weight verification errors. A certain reference. For example, when standard weights are verified, the measured data will be wrong because of the unequal arms of the balance, and the wrong data has regularity. The appearance of this regular phenomenon shows that the error is predictable. Therefore, the same or disparity between the two arms of the balance is what the relevant staff need to pay attention to during the weight verification process, so as to prevent the weight verification error caused by the unequal arms of the balance. The second is that it has a certain degree of stability. Standard weights will inevitably be worn out during long-term use. Due to the influence of operators or equipment, they maintain a stable value in actual verification, causing errors in verification results.

(2) Unpredictable errors. In addition to the predictability errors described in the above content, there are some verification errors that are caused by unpredictability. Generally, unpredictability errors are mainly caused by the following aspects: First, unforeseen external factors. As we all know, changes in the external environment are beyond human control, and there are also various changes, and these may cause errors in the weight verification. In real life, the weight verification error caused by external environmental factors has no rules to follow, and there is no common feature, so the staff cannot effectively correct the cause of the standard weight verification error. The second is the negligence and mistakes in work. In the process of standard weight verification, some negligence and mistakes are inevitable, and these can not be foreseen. It can be that the actual quality does not match the measured value, or the operator has irregular operations.

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