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Calibration and Calibration of Spoke Load Cell

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Any kind of sensor is the same as all detection instruments. In order to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the measurement results, a series of strict tests must be carried out for the spoke load sensor after its manufacturing and assembly according to the original design indicators to determine its actual performance (calibration). After the spoke load cell has been used for a period of time (generally one year according to the Chinese Metrology Law) or has been repaired, SAINTBOND load cell must also be calibrated for its main technical indicators to ensure that the performance of the spoke load cell meets the use requirements (calibration). The contents and methods of calibration and calibration are basically the same.


The calibration of sensors is the same as the calibration of general measuring instruments. Ningbo Chenbang load sensor is the process of calibrating the spoke type load sensor by using a standard instrument with higher accuracy, and the corresponding relationship between the sensor output and input is established through tests. The calibration system of the spoke load sensor is generally composed of the standard generator of the measured non electric quantity, the standard test system of the measured non electric quantity, the signal regulator, display, recorder, etc. attached to the sensor to be calibrated.


The calibration of the spoke load cell can be divided into two types: static calibration and dynamic calibration. The purpose of static calibration of Ningbo Chenbang load cell is to determine the static characteristics of the sensor (or sensing system), such as linearity, sensitivity, hysteresis and repeatability; Dynamic calibration is mainly to inspect and test the dynamic characteristics of the spoke load cell (or sensing system), such as frequency response, time constant, natural frequency and damping ratio.

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