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Briefly describe some main principles explosion-proof floor scales

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The main principle of explosion-proof floor scale platform scale:

Main principle: The principle of explosion protection is to use isolation, pressure reduction, current limiting, sealing and optical fiber communication skills to eliminate or space the links that may occur in the system (electric short-circuit sparks, electrostatic conflict sparks, high-temperature energy concentration, etc.) To reach the purpose of using explosion-proof floor scales in an environment with explosion risk. Explosive substances: Some flammable substances occur in many production sites. Explosive substances are present in about two-thirds of underground coal mines; in the chemical industry, explosive substances are present in more than 80% of production workshop areas. Oxygen: Oxygen in the air is everywhere. Ignition source: A large number of electrical appearances are used in the production process. Various frictional electric sparks, mechanical wear sparks, static sparks, high temperature, etc. are inevitable, especially when the appearance and electrical failures occur.

Explosion-proof floor scales platform scale, objectively many industrial sites meet the explosive conditions. When the mixed concentration of explosive substances and oxygen is within the explosive range, if there is an explosion source, an explosion will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt explosion protection. Generally, when selecting explosion-proof electrical equipment, it is necessary to note that the explosion-proof method is only related to the explosive area, and has nothing to do with the explosive gas level and temperature group. Therefore, for the selection of electrical equipment used in a specific explosive area, in addition to selecting a suitable explosion-proof method, it is also necessary to consider the level and temperature group of the explosive gas. Only in this way can we ensure that the selected explosion-proof floor scales platform scale  meet the requirements of environmental adaptability and safety and reliability.

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