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Application principle of three pulley tension sensor

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The principle that the tension sensor produces elastic deformation under the action of external force, and the resistance strain gauge pasted on the surface also deforms with it, then the corresponding measuring circuit converts the resistance into voltage or current signal, thus completing the conversion process of external signal. For each different mechanical application, there are different types of sensors in each branch of the sensor. The principle of the tension sensor is that on the basis of the weighing sensor, two tension transmission components are used to transmit the force. The internal structure of the force sensor is fixed on one side of the piezoelectric plate gasket in the central area of the piezoelectric plate, and the piezoelectric substrate is located between the edge of the other side and the force transmission part and close to the piezoelectric plate. According to the strength and size of different pulling forces, tension sensors with different shapes are designed. For example, the three pulley tension sensor is the most commonly used high-precision sensor for measuring the tension of wire and strip. Since its front end is equipped with three guide rollers, it is called the three pulley tension sensor.

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