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Application of three pulley tension sensor

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Tension sensor has been widely used in many industries, especially in the field of industrial production measurement. The advantages of tension sensor are simple installation and convenient use. It is suitable for hanging scales, weighing machines, refitted scales and electronic force measuring systems. Because of the same name, the annular tension sensor plate is more suitable for a wide range, harsh working environment, and good frequency response. Many of them are used in building materials, cement, chemical industry, lifting, hoisting, etc. In addition, the tension sensor is also used in the paper industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, steel, foil production plants, cable laying, sawmill and other machines, and is suitable for the use of high-quality hydraulic components and instruments in batch processing industries. The typical application of the tension sensor in the pharmaceutical field is to weigh the stirring container handling the corresponding prescription in the processing process of the factory. In the printing industry, the tension sensor transmits the tension signal of the collected paper to the controller, and the controller adjusts the unwinding and winding speed according to the signal to achieve the tension balance, which saves the cost and increases the output. In the printing press, it is necessary to detect the printing registration, ink volume and water volume, paper faults, etc. It uses displacement type.

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