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50kg stainless steel cylindrical weight

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Scope of application: generally applicable to large-quality weighing laboratories, such as: measurement and testing institutions, pharmaceutical factories.

Stainless steel large quality series


Material: Stainless steel

Grade: F1, F2, M1

Specification: 50kg-2000kg

Density: 7.92g/cm3 &7.85g/cm3

Magnetic susceptibility 0.2

Polarizability: F1≤25μT; F2≤80μT; M1≤250μT

Packing: stainless steel box, aluminum box

Surface treatment: mirror polishing or sanding

Structure: rectangular, square, cylindrical (shape can be selected according to your own requirements);

Surface laser typing (printing unit name, logo, serial number)

1mg weight 2mg weight 5mg weight 10mg weight 20mg weight 50mg weight 100mg weight 200mg weight 500mg weight 1g weight 2g weight 5g weight 10g weight 20g weight 50g weight 100g weight 200g weight 500g weight 1kg weight 2kg weight 5kg weight 10kg weight 20kg weight 50kg weight 100kg weight 200kg weight 500kg weight 1000kg weight 2000kg weight 3000kg weight 5000kg weight 10T weight

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