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1000 kg code technical data

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Weights are widely used in enterprises and institutions, weighing instrument manufacturing, quality and technical supervision and verification, inspection of weighing vehicles, power ports, metallurgical coal, machinery supporting manufacturers, etc. The weights produced meet the standards and verification procedures.

The appearance of 1000 kg law weights are: lock type, cylindrical type, rectangular type, rolling type, hanging type and other series of standard weights

Material: weights made of pig iron through casting process, the price is relatively cheap

Specifications: 2000kg, 1000kg, 500kg, 200kg, 100kg, 50kg, 20kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2kg, 1kg

Shape: flat square type, lock type (optional)

Grade: M1, M2 (optional)

Color: black or red protective paint (optional)

Purpose: Mainly used for the calibration of electronic scales

Specification: 1mg-20kg (stainless steel material) 20kg-1T (cast iron material)

Shape: material, size, meet the requirements of recommended RIII

Packing: combination weights (aluminum box packaging), single weights (plastic bag packaging)

Appearance: Stainless steel weights, with a brightness close to a mirror surface, and a tough and cold touch. It is a more avant-garde decorative material and conforms to the cool aesthetic of the metal age. Cast iron weights can be made into many colors because they need to be treated with a variety of anti-corrosion treatments on the surface.

Cost: Relatively speaking, the cost of cast iron weights is relatively low whether it is the price of materials, the difficulty of construction, or the level of technology. Therefore, when weighing large objects, many industrial enterprises use cast iron weights.

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