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What material is used for the cast iron weight shell to make the quality better

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Cast iron weights are equipment used in the external environment. Such equipment often requires wind, rain and sun. Therefore, the manufacturing process and material requirements for the shell are very strict. If the requirements of this cast iron weight are not met, then this The shell will be eliminated, and it is also easy to cause various rust phenomena. So what kind of material is better for the shell of cast iron weights?

    The cast iron weights currently on the market use three types of shells: aluminum alloy, channel steel, and stainless steel. These three types of materials actually have their advantages and their advantages are very obvious. However, because the shell of cast iron weights is used in the external environment, many factors cannot be eliminated. Therefore, all three materials are required to have the strength to withstand some external impacts. Not only do they have good electrical and thermal conductivity, but also need to be difficult to achieve. Deformed. It can be analyzed from these requirements that the effect of aluminum alloy is the best, because although the texture of channel steel is also very good, it cannot achieve good electrical and thermal conductivity, because channel steel is generally a very hard material and is used as a beam. Therefore, conduction must be strictly prohibited. Therefore, channel steel cast iron weights are generally used indoors, but cannot be used outdoors. In addition, it is stainless steel. The stability of stainless steel is also obvious to everyone. However, compared to aluminum alloy, stainless steel is thinner. That is to say, stainless steel is used to make cast iron weights. The phenomenon that is prone to deformation is deformation, so it is used in cast iron. The field of weights is very inappropriate. In this calculation, only aluminum alloy is the most suitable for use in the shell of cast iron weights. Because, in the aluminum alloy, the alloy element is added, and if the alloy element exists, it can be ensured that there will be no deformation during use, and it will be more stable. And the strength is also higher, because high-strength aluminum is added inside, and the stability and strength of aluminum are relatively high, so even if it encounters a strong impact, it is difficult to make the shell of this cast iron weight Changed. In addition, aluminum alloy has a big advantage that is its low density. The advantage of this low density is that it is not easily corroded by external forces. At this point, the advantages of aluminum alloy are still very obvious, so aluminum alloy will be used in the field of cast iron weights, and it is still used on the most important shell to protect the cast iron weights.

    Although the material of aluminum alloy is very good, if the process is not good, it will also affect the effect of aluminum alloy. Therefore, when you buy cast iron weights, you should not only look at the shell material of the cast iron weights, but also pay attention to the manufacturing process of the cast iron weights. Because aluminum alloy is formed by die-casting at one time, if it is not formed by die-casting at one time, then there will be a large gap. From this point, it will definitely have a great impact on this cast iron weight. Therefore, everyone must carefully check this point, and every gap needs to be observed, otherwise any loopholes will cause great interference to this cast iron weight. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp every detail, so that it is much simpler and more convenient to use. In addition, it should be noted that the aluminum alloy shell should not be wiped with some corrosive liquids, as long as it is wiped with clean water. 

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