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What is the good loadcell selection

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When it comes to load cells, everyone may be unfamiliar, but when it comes to electronic scales in vegetable markets, everyone is very familiar. As the name suggests, the core function of the load cell is to accurately tell us the geometry of an object's weight. As the soul of a weighing device, we can almost say that it exists wherever there is weighing. It is hidden in every aspect of our lives, ranging from vegetable weighing scales in vegetable markets to measuring the weight of cars. Truck scale.


Different industries, different places, how to choose so as not to go wrong?


1. Consider the working environment factors The first thing we have to consider is the actual application environment where the load cell is located. On the one hand, the environment determines whether the sensor can work normally, that is, whether it can serve safely and reliably. On the other hand, it also determines the time limit for the load cell to be used normally. How does the environment affect the load cell? Generally speaking, there are generally these aspects: long-term exposure to an environment of excessively high temperature, it is easy to seriously damage the coating material, causing it to melt, and even lead to the civilization of the solder joint; high humidity, acid corrosive environment and high dust pollution in the air, It is the culprit of the short circuit phenomenon of the components; the electromagnetic field will disturb the output signal, and the result is that the signal is disordered; and the explosive and flammable environment poses a great security threat to people and equipment.


2. Consider its scope of application Each type of load cell has its limited scope of use, which we must be clear about. For example, the electronic pricing scales commonly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other shopping places usually use aluminum alloy cantilever beam sensors; as for the weighing feeders used in factory production, steel cantilever beam sensors are often used; For example, for the weighing of bulk goods, steel bridge sensors should be used.


3. Adopting the manufacturer's suggestion The purchaser can actually give it to the manufacturer to provide the solution with confidence, and follow the manufacturer's opinion. For sensor manufacturers, they are professional. In the process of designing and manufacturing a series of products such as cantilever beam load cells, wheel-spoke load cells, single-point load cells, etc., they are based on Different job scenarios to design product solutions. Putting all kinds of sensors in their proper place is the fundamental premise to ensure the safety and reliability of weighing.


In short, in order to properly match the sensor with the target application scenario, various factors must be carefully considered, but in general, it will not deviate from two cores: one is the type of weighing object, and the other is the installation space How is the environment. The above are some dry goods sharing on how to choose a suitable load sensor. I hope this article can help you open up your purchase ideas.



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