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Three pulley tension sensor model meaning

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The three pulley tension sensor is a practical tool. A three pulley tension sensor includes a three pulley assembly, a steel wire rope and a sensing device. The three pulley assembly includes two front and rear side plates, two guide pulleys installed between the two side plates and a stressed pulley. The two guide pulleys are rotatably fixed at both ends of the side plate through a fixed shaft, and the stressed pulley is rotatably arranged between the two front and rear mounting plates, The stressed pulley can be detachably installed in the middle of the two side plates through the mounting plate, and the sensing device is connected with the stressed pulley. The stressed pulley can be detachably connected with the side plate of the original fixed pulley through the mounting plate, so that when installing the wire rope, the stressed pulley can be easily removed as long as the pin is pulled out, which is very convenient. The central axis of the guide pulley is lower than the stressed pulley, making it easier to put the wire rope through.

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