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Introduction of 10 ton weighing module-20T weighing module-20 ton weighing module

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The 10 ton weighing module is a new type of sensor application structure. It not only ensures the high precision and long-term stability of the shear beam sensor, but also solves the problem of weighing errors caused by improper installation. It is a practical structural accessory for sensors. It is composed of top plate, base plate, load cell, load supporting column and supporting bolts. According to the difference of the load supporting column and the top plate, there are three structures: fixed, semi-floating and floating. In a weighing system, one fixed module, one semi-floating module are used, and the rest are supplemented by floating modules, generally divided into three sets and four sets. One set of three is used for three-point support, and one set of four is used for four-point support. The weighing module can be easily installed on containers of various shapes, and is suitable for transforming existing equipment. Whether it is a container, a hopper or a reactor, plus a weighing module, it can be turned into a weighing system.

Regarding the 10-ton weighing module is sometimes called a load cell, and sometimes the 20T weighing module is also called a "transmitter". It should all belong to analog control. Through the change of external pressure, the resistance of the strain gauge is changed, and the output current or voltage is caused. Of course, this is just one type of load cell. The types of sensors include: photoelectric, hydraulic, electromagnetic force, capacitive, magnetic pole change type, vibration type, gyro ceremony, resistance strain type, etc. However, the load cell products currently used in practice all adopt modular design, which is safe and convenient. Modules can be installed through fixed, semi-floating, and full-floating models to calibrate the weighing system and realize automatic control.

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